VMware Online Event 2013 - Happening Now

VMware Online Event 2013 - Happening Now

VMware’s Online Forum 2013 is starting now.  Jump on and learn more about virtualization, automation and management tools.  There are live breakout sessions happening that will let you take a deep dive into various technologies and offering as well as opportunities to meet new folks from around the world.

I’m going to be looking for more information on VMware’s optimization and automation capabilities as those areas are playing a big part for many CIO’s and IT Pro’s I speak with.

Join me in the forum now.  It’s happening now.  Its virtual and best of all its free..

Details about the event:

Unleash the Power of Virtualization to Simplify IT

Online VMware Forum 2013 is a free online event where you will learn how to radically simplify your IT infrastructure across the entire data center to the virtual workspace. Hear VMware and industry experts discuss new products and services that extend the benefits of virtualization, combine virtualization with best-in-class automation and management, and empower end users with workplace mobility and freedom.

Join us online and learn how you can more efficiently and reliably deliver IT services that are accessible from any device—anytime, anywhere.

The only virtual event dedicated to showing you how to harness virtualization to simplify IT, the Online Forum agenda includes:

  • Chat and make connections with VMware experts and your IT peers
  • Learn about the software-defined data center and NEW VMware offerings
  • Attend live breakout sessions, technical deep dives and discussions
  • Navigate in a 3D virtual environment with interactive booths staffed by VMware industry-leading partners

Attend this event hear about products and solutions that:

  • Extend the benefits of virtualization across the software-defined data center– including compute, security, storage, availability, and networking—establishing the most efficient, reliable and agile architecture for cloud computing
  • Combine virtualization with best-in-class automation and management capabilities to optimize capacity, improve utilization, and drive cost savings
  • Empower end users with workplace mobility and freedom to choose their devices, while maintaining IT control

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