So I’ve been using Vista for 3 days….

…and I actually am starting to like it.

I know that I’ve previously said I disliked Vista (see Rediscovering Linux (via Ubuntu) and Ubuntu is Ubye-bye) but a recent PC purchase (Dell XPS 410 w/4GB RAM) has me changing my tune on Vista.

The OS is fast and stable (so far anyway). There are some things that I am still having trouble with, namely the User Account functionality, but I am working around these issues. The one thing that I really dig about Vista is it actually has some user security….I can finally lock down a machine the way it should be.

For those of you Vista haters (or dis-likers) out there…I still have XP on most machines at home and even am planning on installing a Linux server at home alongside my Windows 2003 server. Why do I have a Win2003 server? I don’t know…I guess because I’m a geek at heart.

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