Sitecore, Me and the Boy Scouts

Me on Sitecore (from a Sitecore Press Release):

“We needed to move into a CMS to gain content management capabilities as well as easily host and manage our numerous local council and national websites from a central location,” said Eric Brown, CMS Project Manager, Boy Scouts of America. “Sitecore was selected due to its ability to customize and extend. Its flexibility allows content managers to seamlessly maintain brand messaging and presentation of the content. The fact that it is a 100% .NET solution also fit into the Boy Scouts of America IT strategy.”

Sounds pretty good huh? 🙂

We are working on some really cool stuff for the Boy Scouts…a site redesign is in the works for Q1 2009…should get the website up to a ‘modern’ website fitting current standards.  Other projects coming up are also very cool but still too early to discuss.

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