Silence is deadly

Many other bloggers (Hal Macomber for one) have already discussed this report, but I wanted to say a quick word about it as well.

The report, from the Concours Group, says:

The ability of senior leaders to execute on business strategy depends largely on whether employees are encouraged to speak up about project failures. A simple dynamic — called “organizational silence” — causes 85% of failed business programs and projects, according to a research study by The Concours Group and VitalSmarts. The study points to five key conversations that, if held quickly and effectively, can decrease project management failure rates by 50 to 70 percent.

The Concours Group’s report says that five key conversations need to happen to decrease project management failure rates. I’m sure these key conversations will help, but what happens to these conversations when the project manager and/or project sponsor doesn’t listen?

As Hal Macomber points out:

It doesn’t take much not listening before even those who do speak learn to shut up.

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