Reinventing IT?

Reinventing IT?
Open Your Doors By Frank Wuestefeld on flickr
Open Your Doors By Frank Wuestefeld on flickr

There’s been some excellent content and discussions recently about reinventing IT.  Mark McDonald at Gartner has been talking / writing about the subject quite extensively lately.  He’s been making quite a lot of sense too.

A recent post by Mark, titled What does it mean to reimagine IT?, he lays out a nice call to action for CIO’s and IT professionals to start thinking about reinventing and re-imagining what IT can be in the future.

In the above mentioned post, Mark argues about the need to re-imagine IT when he writes:

This is a unique time for IT as CIO strategies focus on new architectures and the potential of these lighter-weight technologies. With business expectations for growth and cost cutting on the minds of CIOs, the door to re-imagining IT is wide open as well as the technologies involved to reposition IT.

The door is indeed wide open.

But its not just open for IT. That door is open for the entire organization to rethink and re-imagine IT.

Marketing groups are starting to think about how to manage and drive their own technology. Marketing Technologists are starting to pop up everywhere.

Shadow IT is as rampant as ever and employees are extremely technically savvy these days – which will cause Shadow IT to grow even further in the years to come.

That door is wide open and organization’s are looking at ways to change IT….and IT must be willing to look at itself to make the necessary changes.

Can that be done?  I hope so…but more importantly, it must be done.  I just hope CIO’s and IT groups help drive those changes rather than waiting to be walked out that open door.

Image Credit: Open Your Doors By Frank Wuestefeld on flickr