My Bookshelf

I’ve been tagged by Jim Stroup at Managing Leadership to provide a listing of the books that I’m currently reading and/or are on my bookshelf.

Well…since my bookshelf is actually 3 bookshelves full of all types of books (I have very eclectic tastes in books), I’ll give a quick rundown of the books/articles I’m reading plus those that are on my ‘to read’ list.

Currently reading:

  • Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith – Interesting book that should be required reading for any person selling services. There are some excellent ‘nuggets’ of information in this book…”don’t let perfect ruin good” is my favorite.
  • The Strategic Project Leader by Jack Ferraro – I’m three chapters in and so far I like this book. The book describes the growing specialization of project managers and provides a ‘roadmap’ for those PM’s that want to step into the ‘project leader’ role (as compared to project administrator, project specialist, etc). Look for more on this book and the topic of specialization soon.
  • Working Knowledge by Thomas Davenport & Laurence Prusak – a classic in the world of Knowledge Management. This was an ‘optional’ book in my KM class I’m taking this semester but I think it should be required reading….not just for someone in the class but for any person interested in the subject.

On the bookshelf:

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