Make sure you can live up to your own hype...

The Artmore Hotel
Image by Aprile C via Flickr

I’m in Atlanta this week on business.

I decided to stay at a nice little boutique hotel in midtown called the Artmore Hotel.   The price was the same as the other hotel I was planning to stay in…and the hotel looked much more interesting than the Courtyard.  A Courtyard is a Courtyard right?  The Artmore isn’t a Courtyard.

The Artmore touts itself as a unique hotel that “prides itself on delivering a personalized guest experience, not previously seen in a Midtown Atlanta hotel.”  Now…I’ve not stayed at any other Midtown Atlanta hotel…but the Artmore definitely lives up to being unique….in a good way.

The hotel lives up to the hype.  This is a great little boutique hotel that can make travel much more comfortable and much more enjoyable.

Does your company / team live up to the hype?

I’ve recently had an experience with a local Dallas company who claims to be the ‘best’ at what they do.  They have plenty of testimonials and lots of things on their website that say ‘we are the best’ and ‘we guarantee satisfaction’.

The only thing is…they didn’t satisfy.  Sure…they did the job they said they would…but it wasn’t done in the way they claimed it would be nor was it completed quickly or without issues (their hype).

What about your company?  Do you have hype behind your service / company?   Do you live up to that hype?

Hype and the IT group

Of course I’m going to tie this topic to the IT group…you know I have to 🙂

You know the last time I saw an IT hype their services…that hype was around how great the IT group was in delivering projects “on time and under budget”.  It was great hype. But it was far from the truth.  I don’t believe there was a project delivered on time or under budget (or even meeting budget) during the years I worked with them.

Can you live up to the hype of your team and your company?  Can you really deliver projects on time and on budget?  Can your IT team do what they say they can or what you tell people they can?

If not, perhaps you need to revisit your project approach to figure out how to turn your hype into reality….it’s not really hype if you can back it up.

If you tell people your IT group is going to drive innovation….are you driving innovation?

Are you living up to the hype…or just creating hype?  There’s a difference there.