Links for Nov 24 2013

Links for Nov 24 2013
  • Accelerating human invention with all the computers you’ll ever need — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe dives deep into the economic and innovative benefits of running massive scientific workloads in the cloud. When researchers aren’t constrained by the systems the can afford, they can ask bigger questions and get better results.

  • What startups can learn from the Tesla fire crisis – The Next Web

    Quote: Don’t make excuses, don’t point fingers, and don’t make empty promises that can’t be kept. Accepting blame and making a real effort to prevent something similar from happening again is the best way to stop the media firestorm, even before it happens.

  • “Let’s See How Much We Can Confuse Our Customers!” | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

    Quote: Our customers are not just buying a product. They’re buying a relationship with our company. They want to look at our companies, understanding what the total relationship is. They want to see consistency across all parts of the company, they want to see how the various pieces/parts fit together.

  • Innovate on Purpose: The Five Sources of Innovation Consultants

    Quote: As you can imagine, different innovation firms have different perspectives and different staffing and capabilities. When a client (or a potential employee) is interested in innovation, it pays to understand the roots of the firm in question and how they view innovation, and the capabilities and skills they will focus on when serving clients.

  • Scott Adams Blog: Goals vs. Systems 11/18/2013

    Quote: My problem with goals is that they are limiting. Granted, if you focus on one particular goal, your odds of achieving it are better than if you have no goal. But you also miss out on opportunities that might have been far better than your goal. Systems, however, simply move you from a game with low odds to a game with better odds. With a system you are less likely to miss one opportunity because you were too focused on another. With a system, you are always scanning for any opportunity.

  • Why the Chief Digital Officer Role Is on the Rise –

    Quote: Whether you think it’s part of a transitional period or here for the long-term, the Chief Digital Officer role is gaining ground as more conventional companies look to invest in an enterprise-wide digital transformation.