Links for March 23 2014

Links for March 23 2014
  • Midwest IT Survival » Evolution of Corporate IT and the Future Impact of Cloud

    Quote: All in all, corporate IT is in constant evolution. The rate of evolution appears on all counts to be accelerating with no signs of any slowdown in the future. Anyone who isn’t prepared to have to constantly re-invent themselves should seriously consider a different career path than corporate IT.

  • Are You Making The Most of Your Dark Data? | Business Analytics

    Quote: But there’s also a lot of ‘dark’ structured data. It turns out that the number one use of Hadoop in most organizations today is analyzing old data that was previously too costly to process. In addition to providing known value, this data provides an easy, low-risk pilot project for getting to know Hadoop. The structures are well-known, so getting the data out in a useable format doesn’t require complex data exploration or new scripting skills.

  • What every CIO could learn from Tufts University about understanding the customer experience.

    Quote: So: out into the world you go, dear CIO – live at the end of the road where your technology touches the end customer. We’ll pay you for the experience. Keep careful records. Take pictures, record voices, write notes, kick the tires of the competition.

  • Why deep belief matters so much – O’Reilly Radar

    Quote: Think about the results as noisy sensor readings rather than human-accurate judgments, and you’ll start to see how powerful even imperfect results can be, as long as they still contain strong signals. We’re entering a new world where computers can see, even if it’s only through a glass darkly.

  • The Cloud Is Tempting CIOs To Change Their Tech Vendors – ReadWrite

    Quote: In a recent global survey of CIOs, Gartner found 70% of CIOs expect to change their technology and services vendors over the next two to three years. Seventy percent. Enterprises, driven by an increasing hunger to put data to use and cloud infrastructure for the purpose of scale, are said to be rethinking the ways they do business.