Links for Sept 6, 2009

The Past and the Future of Digital Storytelling from Men With Pens by Taylor

The Future of Content Management from assertTrue( ) by Kas Thomas

7 Marks of a Great Project Management Office from Making Project Management Better by Alec Satin

Using Social Media to Deepen Customer Relations from Marketing Profs Daily Fix by Paul Dunay

Business, Blogging, and Broken Windows from The Art of Nonconformity by Chris Guillebeau

Why Do We Ignore “Best Practices”? from by Susan Cramm

Enterprise 2.0 Needs To Stop Being So Naive from CloudAve by Paul Michaud

What Jay Leno Can Teach the Fortune 500 About Innovation from Endless Innovation by Dominic Basulto

The Future of Reading: The Problem is NOT the Books! from Angela Maiers Educational Services by Angela Maiers

Corporate Social Media, from Macro to Micro from Conversation Agent by Valeria Maltoni

Enterprise 2.0 is a Crock: Discuss from Andrew McAfee’s Blog by Andrew McAfee

Staying A Specializing Generalist from Musings of a Software Development Manager by Ed Gibbs

Is Personality a Strategy? from Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Avoiding The IT Death Spiral from Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms by Mike Schaffner

The Conversation Economy from Tyner Blain by Scott Sehlhorst

Why Large Companies Rarely Strike Gold Twice: A Finally Friday CCrit from No Secret by Steve Levy

Hacking the Magical Number Seven With Storytelling from GigaOM by Mike Speiser

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