Links for Oct 14 2012

Links for Oct 14 2012
  • The New Data-Savvy Adaptive Marketing – Highly Competitive – software industry insights

    Quote: Marketers now must be dynamically responsive to change and must more quickly decide what to do. So Predictive Analytics are becoming more important to many organizations that want to derive future views that will guide their decisions, particularly those regarding potential customer behaviors and desires. Behavioral models are built based on certain objectives, such as projecting the propensity to buy particular offerings, using different customer attributes (predictors). The results are put to use to do a better a job of finding the right customers and specifically providing what they need.

  • HP Blogs – CIO = CBO + CDO + CTO – The HP Blog Hub

    Quote: So, yes the role of the CIO may vanish, but the function is evolving and will be needed by the enterprise for a long period of time as information technology becomes core to the business. The current technology wave is all around cloud, the next one, focused on big data is starting. What comes next? Well, I don’t know what name will be given to it, but I would argue it has something to do with pervasive computing. In other words, the barriers between business and IT are disappearing, business is IT and IT is business. One aspect of that is called Pervasive Computing and is already popping its head over the horizon. But that is probably worth another blog entry in its own right, don’t you believe so?

  • A Penny for Your Privacy? – Chris Taylor and Ron Webb – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Before deciding to sell our personal information, we need to be clear about what people want to know about us, why they want to know it, how and when they intend to collect that information, and what’s being offered to us in return. That’s a great deal to know from a marketplace that by and large would prefer to keep its intentions and options close to the vest.

  • How can open data help rebuild trust in business? | Open Economics

    Quote: There is an interesting dynamic in thinking about what open business data could mean. One set of questions would focus around the range of information companies disclose to investors and public scrutiny. In the current climate of tough competition and patent wars, open data might not be regarded favourably.  Another question would be the role of auditor – what specialist skills would be the needed to analyse and visualise the data? Could Google be the next big audit firm?

  • The Conversation You’re Not Having, But Should Probably Start

    Quote: But our silence is ruining us. We have so much to learn from one another in all aspects of life – including money. And it is clear that not having the conversation is negatively affecting us as persons, as families, and as a society. Personal finance is a conversation we need to be having with one another. We need to find the humility and the boldness to start asking the right questions.

  • CIO + CMO = CMTO – The CMO Site – Barbara Krafte

    Quote: Enter the CMTO. This is a highly specialized role for someone who brings both right and left-brain competencies. It requires granular customer and market understanding, analytic and operational skills, and the ability to drive transformational change that cuts across channels and business units. It also requires the ability to deliver technology and services that can scale up or down and the agility to deliver to new emerging platforms. It takes the ability to access, aggregate, measure, analyze, and leverage lots of data, which may be deployed across the company and geographies. According to Gartner, 72 percent of high-tech providers have someone in that role today, and 87 percent expect to have that role within the next two years. Given those numbers, this doesn’t look like a passing trend.