Links for Nov 4 2012

Links for Nov 4 2012
  • McKinsey Report Highlights Failure of Large Projects: why it is better to be small, particularly in IT

    Quote: Its time for CIOs to offer a different answer that goes beyond ‘value assurance’ imperatives that boil down to the recommendation to do large projects better.  Creating technology-intensive business transformation is everyone’s responsibility and an area where we need to find new answers to new questions.  Those answers start by recognizing the realities we all face rather than returning to past failures and failure modes.

  • When Savvy Equals Stupid – A Lesson From HubSpot – techguerilla talk

    Quote: Mistakes happen in all organizations.  A single lapse of judgment is not enough reason to dismiss a company from your life.  As far as HubSpot is concerned you’ll need to make up your own mind, that’s not for me to say.  As far as your own company is concerned, make sure you know exactly where your line in the sand is and that everyone else does too.

  • Losing wait

    Quote: Movement matters. When you start the doing, you immediately gain new and useful information. People start to understand things more clearly. They may not jump on board, but they’ll be able to give you concrete feedback as to why they’re not on board (allowing you to separate real concerns from unimportant ones). And you’ll start to feel more prepared as you start leading the way through these first hurdles and sifting through the first bits of new information.

  • The End of Legacy

    Quote: The premises vs. cloud debate really has nothing to do with premises vs. cloud. It is more about financial models and outsourcing. Yes, the notion of reducing HVAC and other premise costs do come-up, but rarely as the primary driver. The downsides of hosted models have to do with loss of control/ownership of the data and use of the public Internet.