Links for Nov 25 2012

Links for Nov 25 2012
  • Digital Strategy Does Not Equal IT Strategy – Mark P. McDonald – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Having a digital edge matters. According to our research of more than 2,000 companies, firms with above their industry average levels of digital revenue outperform their peers. They grow faster. They have higher net margins. They are more capital efficient and deliver more to shareholder equity. They deliver more because leaders think broadly about how digital technology creates value and revenue. They think about how it will combine to create new capability rather than replace old operations. That is the essence of a digital strategy.

  • Just How Big is Big Data?

    Quote: Big or small, collecting information is only worth the effort if you use it to improve your business. Don’t fear the data buckets, make them work for you by dealing with one bucket at a time.

  • Make Results Matter More than Face Time – Ellen Galinsky – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: We wanted a results-based work environment where if you meet financial results and you meet client service scores, you can work whenever you want, wherever you want . . . work when you’re most productive, when you’re most engaged. And we’ll change the culture so that what really matters are results.

  • The Adaptive Enterprise: New Directions for MDM? | Hub Designs Magazine

    Quote: MDM initiatives have the right capabilities and strategic purpose to underpin business agility and the adaptive enterprise. Master data can be extended to provide improved use of information systems and repositories throughout the enterprise. MDM can stretch its data muscles to take on new business requirements and objectives where data and process are key components, and now venture into new categories that need MDM to better serve the enterprise. To achieve agile business actions takes highly disciplined approaches to MDM and data governance; and it takes flexibility bred into information management DNA to be able to quickly but reliably handle change.