Links for May 26 2103

Links for May 26 2103
  • Bowling with God: Vint Cerf Talks Time Travel, Porn, and Web Addiction

    Quote: One of the lessons it’s taught me is as soon as you make it easy for people to create and share information, they’ll do it. They’re not looking for pecuniary compensation. What they’re looking for is satisfaction that something they knew, and they shared, is useful to someone else. So there’s this tsunami of content. Which of course immediately drives the need for some kind of search engine, because you can’t find anything in this ocean.

  • Are You Tracking Metrics That Mean Nothing? | MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

    Quote: As marketers, we are told every day that we are what we measure. There is some truth in that statement. However, the metrics have to count, too. Make sure you provide the right context to your measurements, so they give a view into the business and produce the value and insights you need. Otherwise, you have meaningless metrics… and those don’t help drive revenue!

  • 6 things every CIO should know (or at least think about) — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: CIOs may be the kings of the IT heap within their companies but they are also under siege — new technologies from outside, recalcitrant CEOs, budget-stealing CMOS. Some things to ponder.

  • Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way : CloudAve

    Quote: Leading is hard, following is harder, and getting out of the way is the hardest which requires a conscious attempt to empower people to do their job without getting into their way. But, it is an approach that does work and I encourage you to try it out and share it with others.

  • Gartner: Big data will transform customer relationship management technology

    Quote: “But if CIOs and business leaders don’t work together and put their arms around it, they will see a lot of renegade, tactical efforts in their organisation.”