Links for May 19 2013

Links for May 19 2013
  • Why personas can be a bad idea for content marketing

    Quote: I guess that brings me full circle: go ahead and create personas. It can never be a bad idea to start your content marketing by thinking about the people you’re addressing. But if your nice, neat persona templates are acting as a substitute for real contact with real people, you’re doing yourself a disservice and your content will suffer for it.

  • Innovate on Purpose: Creating and Sustaining Innovation Energy

    Quote: If you can create a lot of energy, excitement and engagement in your organization talking about ideas, then you have one third of the challenge overcome from the start. The next question is: can your team commit to doing the hard work of innovation?

  • My 16-Year-Old Bike Explains Which is Best: Quality or Quantity (Hint: They’re Both Wrong) | Advanced Riskology

    Quote: In reality, quality and quantity exist on a spectrum, and the sweet spot you ought to land on is called value. This is a lesson I learned in 6th grade when I bought my first bike from the local shop in my hometown—a good ol’ Trek 420 that, 16 years later, I still ride every single day. Yeah, it’s a little small—like a bear riding a tricycle—but it’s perfect for me.

  • The Modern Mantra: “Instrument, Analyze, Tune”

    Quote: So while I’m thrilled about Big Data coming to manufacturing (and soon to just about all other sectors of the economy), I’m concerned that it will increase and accelerate the ‘hollowing out‘ of the workforce already underway.

  • Getting it right with data attribution : CloudAve

    Quote: Data attribution is increasingly important, but it will be essential to make sure that the rules, tools and norms which emerge are both lightweight and pragmatic. Now is not the time to get heavy-handed and pedantic about where the comma goes.

  • Big data, cool kids – O’Reilly Radar

    Quote: Enjoy the noise and the energy from the growing data ecosystem, but keep your eyes on the problems you want to solve.