Links for May 16 2010

  • How do you create a culture of storytelling? by Steve Denning on The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management:

    Quote: I am sometimes asked: what’s involved in creating a culture of storytelling in an organization? How do you create an organization in which authentic storytelling is the natural and normal way of communicating? How do you do this in a way that is highly productive for the organization as well as deeply satisfying for the participants?

  • The Three Surprisingly Simple Keys to Success by Sonia Simone on Copyblogger

    Quote: “You need talent, luck, and persistence. Pick any two.” It’s probably been twenty years since I heard those words, but I still think of them all the time. They don’t just apply to getting book deals, of course

  • Entrepreneurs Should be Respected, Not Loved by Mark Suster on Both Sides of the Table

    Quote: One thing that I’ve realized over the years is that to be an effective leader you can’t aspire to be loved by everybody.  I think people with this affliction have a hard time being great leaders.  They dither on decision-making.  They fudge on org charts to appease people.  Clarity of purpose in leadership matters.

  • What is the Real Value of Social CRM (SCRM)? by Jacob Morgan on Social Media Globetrotter

    Quote: The truth of the matter is that Twitter in a way has spoiled the social customer into thinking that they can get instant gratification (Mitch calls twitter instant gratification meets CRM, NOT a SCRM tool).

  • the tao of productivity by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits

    Quote: In this age of digital communication, we’re busier than ever. And yet, in all of our sound and fury, we seem to have no time for focus, for what’s important, for thinking.
    To find this focus, we will need to completely rethink the need for productivity.

  • Everyone Needs to Get Paid by Gene De Libero

    Quote: The next time a prospective employer asks you to solve a problem or create some type of work product for her for free, tell her you’ll be happy to to do that for a fee, which you’ll waive once you’re hired for the role. If she agrees, give her a consulting agreement for the small project. If she doesn’t, wish her luck (she’ll need it), thank her for wasting your time, promptly report the company to the Department of Labor, and move on.

  • 8 Traits of Ineffective Leaders by Mike Myatt on N2Growth Blog

    Quote: The moral of this story is leaders need to be honest, have a demonstrated track record of success, be excellent communicators, place an emphasis on serving those they lead, be fluid in approach, have laser focus, and a bias toward action. If these traits are not possessed by your current leadership team you will be in for a rocky road ahead…

  • I Hate the Word “Content” by Jonathan Salem Baskin on Jonathan Salem Baskin’s Dim Bulb

    Quote: Calling the output of writers, musicians, moviemakers and even the artisans of branding’s dark arts “content” is like referencing the substance of every meal “food,” or labeling the specific events of human experience “life.”

  • Solving the “marketplace” business model by Jason Cohen on a smart bear

    Quote: Marketplace companies are notoriously difficult to start, so I’m constantly amazed that so many entrepreneurs chose this route. Maybe it’s the “go big or go home” mentality? If there’s a business plan less likely to succeed than a restaurant, this has to be it.

  • Lead like a child by Simon Sinek on Great Leadership

    Quote: Great leaders are not the ones who hold the highest office or make the most money, they are the ones who inspire the people around them. And people are inspired when they feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. The General, like all other great, inspiring leaders, inspires those around them not because of what he knows but because of how he makes others feel.