Links for May 15 2011

Links for May 15 2011
  • Making Enterprise Architecture Matter By Martha Heller on

    Quote: The ultimate paradox is this: Architects are as necessary as they are rare. “It’s a knock-down, drag-out fight to find people who can do this role,” says Blanchette. “I don’t envy the people who have to recruit them.”

  • Small Wins and Feeling Good by Teresa Amabile and Steve Kramer on The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: With all the pressures and distractions in our lives, it is all too easy to have our smaller achievements go unnoticed, even by ourselves. Think back on the past few days. Did you achieve any successes that did not make it onto your radar screen? Take a moment now and congratulate yourself. And if you wish, share some with us so that we can celebrate with you.

  • When Did Marketing Become A Dirty Word? by Nigel Fenwick on Forrester Blogs

    Quote: Isn’t it time for IT professionals to learn what marketing is really about? Marketing has evolved so much from the days of Mad Men — today’s marketers focus on creating an effective process to identify changing customer needs and deliver customer value (in most cases at a profit). That’s something CIOs have been trying to do since the first data processing groups were established in the 70’s.

  • Want Profits? Start Here by Ted Coiné on Catalyst from Ted Coiné

    Quote: That’s how enlightened self-interest works. You do the right thing as a business leader. You make long-term, pound-wise, penny-foolish decisions. Take-tainted-Tylenol-off-the-shelves decisions. Provide-better-health-insurance-than-your-competitors decisions. Refrain-from-outsourcing-to-China decisions.