Links for March 6 2011

Links for March 6 2011
  • Lessons From a Corporate Insider: Dream Big, but Think Small by Mark Ivey on MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

    Quote: Rather than delude yourself into thinking you’re going to change an entire company, be smart. Start with focused, achievable goals and programs. Think small.

  • People do not want to create content for your brand by Matt Rhodes on FreshNetworks blog

    People do not always want to create content for your brand. They do, however, have many other needs that will lead to the same outcome for you. Proper time spent planning and investigating who you are looking to engage and what their motivation is is time well spent. It will help you to understand what both parties will get out of any engagement, and help to ensure that your campaign is not one of the many examples of social media where people really don’t want to engage with you.

  • How to get good at making money – (37signals)

    Quote: The lesson: People are happy to pay for things that work well. Never be afraid to put a price on something. If you pour your heart into something and make it great, sell it. For real money. Even if there are free options, even if the market is flooded with free. People will pay for things they love.

  • Not Another Suit on Jonathan Salem Baskin’s Dim Bulb

    Quote: I’ve got a better idea. Don’t add a job description at all. Just do better at all the management consultant blatherese that you’ve already paid for. If you walk the talk even only slightly more each new day from the last, you’ll be well along the path to happier customers. You don’t need to add a suit in order to do it.

  • The Four Personas of the Next-Generation CIO – R “Ray” Wang – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Just as previous technology and business shifts have changed the role of the CIO, the new, more consumer-oriented business models of the social revolution will favor a new breed of business and technology leader. These leaders will have to navigate myriad converging and disruptive technologies, align new initiatives to both business value and technology feasibility, and identify strategies to leverage existing investments to fund innovation.

  • All departments are not the same – by Neil Ward Dutton on Opinion – CIO UK Magazine

    Quote: Here’s the core of the issue: although IT outcomes are increasingly pervasive within business, IT provision has to be seen from a different perspective. Not only is IT provision not universally spread out across business teams and functions where the outcomes have impact, but it shouldn’t be distributed in that way, either.

    This is a dynamic that’s not found anywhere else on an organisational chart.