Links for March 13 2011

Links for March 13 2011
  • Why People Are the Heart & Soul of the Information Age by Tim Sanders on Sanders Says –

    Quote: … highly engaged innovators produce the breakthrough products and make the competition obsolete. The trick is to get them to come to work, collaborate with others, finish what they start and guard the company’s culture like a parent looks after a newborn. You don’t generate that with checks, you generate that with an obsession on people.

  • All About Awkward Agile Thinking by Shim Marom on quantmleap

    Quote: Agile is good, but so are other software development methodologies, provided that you apply them appropriately and provided that you manage them correctly. One way or another you’ve got to do things ‘right’. If you rely on the methodology to save your day, think again. It is not the methodology that brings the results but the way people implement that methodology.

  • Being a Savage by Steve Pavlina

    Quote: If you can’t hold down a steady job, pay your bills on time, and stay out of trouble, it doesn’t mean you’re broken. Perhaps it simply means that the path you’re trying to follow isn’t a good match for you.

  • Forrester: IT Staff Must Become ‘Teachers’ to the Business By Anh Nguyen on

    Quote: A key message from the Forrester Forum will be that the role of the enterprise architect in a decade’s time will split in half, with one part remaining in IT in the way that is described above, and the other part moving into the business.