Links for March 1 2009

Is Marketing Evil? by Seth Godin

Process Improvement – Been there, done that. Have you Really? by Glenn Whitfield on IT Business Alignment (IT2B)

6 Ways To Beat Any Project Planning by Bas de Baar on Project Shrink

Who Gets To Make Decisions In Your IT Shop? by Dr. Jim Anderson on The Business of IT

Reverse Mentoring by Danny Brown

5 Soft Skills That Make an Employee Invaluable by Holly McCarthy on Raven’s Brain

Creating a Culture of Innovation by Mark Howell on Strategy Central

Enterprise Twitter: Clarity Amid The Hype by Mike Gotta on Collaborative Thinking

Is It A Brand or A Person? by Jay Deragon on Socialutions

Big Company Lessons for Small Businesses by Anthony Tjan on

Security: reason or excuse? by Paul Miller

The Answer for Ugly Times? Do Something Beautiful by Bill Taylor on Mavericks at Work Blog

Are you doing what you do best? on Men with Pens

Engagement – Rarer now. Needed more now. by Lisa Haneberg on Management Craft

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