Links for July 18 2010

  • Why compensation models work against innovation by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

    Quote: I honestly believe that if a firm seeks to become more “innovative” over time as a sustainable capability, it will have to address its compensation and evaluation programs to bring them into alignment with the responsibilities and work required for innovation to take root and grow.

  • Three Reasons Ideas Are Killer Social Objects for Enterprise 2.0 by Hutch Carpenter on theSpigit Blog

    Quote: Social objects are the core of any social software. They define the experience, the basis for connecting people and knowledge, and the tangible benefits for companies.

  • Just Do Your Job by Lance Haun on Rehaul

    Quote: I’ve advocated increasing your influence in an organization. You should always be looking to do that if you want to change things up and be a disturbance (the good kind). But that doesn’t always entail changing organizational structure or moving up to that seat at the table. Building influence is often more than just the title (though, in some organizations, the title is important). And no matter if your organization loves or hates titles, you’ve got to do your job before you gain respect in your company

  • Developing Strategy is Fun. Implementing It Is Work. | Small Business Trends

    Quote: …developing creative new innovative strategy is fun, but most good strategies are sort of boring, particularly when you keep to them over the long term. Implementing strategy is work.

  • Pressure for Change by Michael Fauscette

    Quote: Before we talk about change management and what that really means to a company I think it is useful to think about the reasons for change. Today’s companies and executives are under tremendous pressure from the economy, from customers, from new and unpredictable competitors and from their own employees.  This pressure is directly related to an urgency created by each of these factors independently and intensified as the factors collide to create a new business environment.