Links for Jan 18 2009

Another Sunday, Another List O’ Links! 🙂  Enjoy!

Knowledgeable Workforce Requires Knowledge-Filled Workers by Steve Roesler on All Things Workplace

Twitter: It’s About People, Not Technology by Fred Wilson on Silicon Alley Insider

Do More with Less by Mitch Joel on Six Pixels of Separation

What is the Business Purpose? by Jay Deragon on Sociallutions

Aligning Social Media Within Companies by Chris Brogan on

Ten Reasons Why “Enterprise RSS” Has Failed To Become Mainstream by Mike Gotta on Collaborative Thinking (Note: Look for a quote from me!)

Differentiate to avoid being a “me too” by Jeff Lash on How to be a Good Product Manager

lead:ology – Leadership: Whence It Came, Where It Went by Michael McKinney on LeadingBlog

Your Brand is what you do by Jeffrey Phillips on Thinking Faster

Leading with Agility by Steve Neiderhauser

Secrets of a Well Run IT Department by Simon Stapleton on

Linking SaaS Software Pricing to Value by Jason Rotherbart on ReadWriteWeb

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