Links for Jan 10 2010

The Evolution of Social Media and Business by Brian Solis from PR 2.0

Make No Little Plans – Defining the Scalable Startup by Steve Blank

Amnesia is a good thing at the start of the New Year by Mark McDonald on the Gartner Blog Network

Social CRM is an important STRATEGY, not TECHNOLOGY, for 2010 by John Moore on Random Thoughts of a Boston-based CTO: John Moore’s Weblog

Outsourced thinking is today’s biggest problem by Auren Hoffman on from Summation

Why Most CEOs Are Bad at Strategy by Roger Martin on

Screw Recession… Is Your Company Ready For Recovery? by Timothy Johnson on carpe factum

Taxonomy of Cloud Computing Benefits by William Vambenepe

The Discomfort of Improving by Dave Fleet

Maybe You’re the Reason Your Job Is Boring by Susan Cramm on

I Started a Blog But No One Cared by Steve Radon Social Media Strategery