Links for Feb 13 2011

Links for Feb 13 2011
  • Which is better, thought or action? by Laura Rose on UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley

    Quote: Everything begins with a thought. Without thought there is no action. The idea of the action normally occurs to you before you execute it. Then your action begets a result. And the result normally stimulates a new desire or thought. Without action, there is no “new thought”. We’ll acquire similar thoughts…because thinking does beget more thinking. But we would continue to think “the same”. It’s the action that brings exploration, growth, development to our circle.

  • What’s the use case? by Seth Godin

    Quote: The most effective way to sell the execution of an idea is to describe the use case first. And before you can do that, you need to have both the trust of your client and enough information to figure out what would delight them.

  • The hazards of binary thinking and poor scope definition by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

    Quote: Far too frequently we find that our clients struggle to generate new ideas because their problem scope or problem definition is too narrow or too rigid. The scope then keeps the team cycling through the same issues and same ideas, and doesn’t allow any new thinking or ideas.

  • 2011: The Year Enterprise IT Finally Gets A Social Life by Tony Zingale on Business Insider

    Quote: Why do I think Social Business will flip the switch and go mainstream in 2011? Early adopters of Social Business are reporting real ROI on their investments. That’s no surprise considering social media and social technologies have saturated the consumer space.

  • A Super Bowl Servant Leader by Scott Eblin on the Next Level Blog

    Quote: “I don’t think about the things I have to do, I think about the things I can do to make my men successful.” There’s a lot of other things that one could say about servant leadership, but if you’re looking for a brief definition of how it works, I don’t think you can do much better than what Tomlin said. Does servant leadership guarantee you win every game? No, of course not. Does it make a positive difference? I think it does.