Links for Dec 28 2008

This is the last “Sunday Links” post for 2008…hope you find it a good one!

Using Information to Develop Productive Relationships by Michael McKinney at Leading Blog

7 Wrong Ways To Outsource Your IT Department by Dr. Jim Anderson at the Business of IT

Google, WalMart, and The Power of the Real Time Enterprise by Tim O’Reilly on O’Reilly Radar

Godin’s “high cost of now” – how being a little behind can save you a great deal by Jared Goralink on Technotheory

Trying Harder in Hard Times by Mike Schaffner on Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms

Good to Great: More Evidence That “Most Claims of Magic are Testimony to Hubris” by Bob Sutton

Non-Profits Face Hard Decisions by Nan Stone on

Success: The Rest of the Story by Daniel Goleman

Must Reads & Worthy Reads for 2008 by John Moore on Brand Autopsy

When It Gets Slow by John Harrington on Photo Business News & Forum

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