Links for Dec 21 2008

Positive Communication and Leadership by Stephen Smith on Slacker Manager

A Lean, Scalable Requirements Information Model for the Agile Enterprise by Dean Leffingwell on Scaling Software Agility

Social Hierarchies: I had an Experience Like Sheryl’s by Ted Wallingford on Signal to Noise

Spark Your Creativity by Thinking INSIDE the Box By Mark McGuinness on Lateral Action

How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review by Chris Guillebeau on The Art of NonComformity

Predictions for 2009 by Charlene Li on The Altimeter

Differentiate or Die in a Downturn by Jonathan Fields on Small Business Trends

Leading People. Leading Organizations by The Evil HR Lady.

Cloud Computing is more than a Computer in a Cloud by Paul Miller (hat tip to ReadWriteWeb)

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