Links for August 15 2010

Links for August 15 2010

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  • The Case for Listening by Rajesh Setty

    Quote: To be totally effective, you have to be doing something now or increasing your capacity to do something in the future. With that in mind, talking will NOT help in either of them. May be a little bit in the first part – if talking involves getting things done but only really. Listening on the other hand has many advantages. Here are a few of them ( all of these assume that you are listening to the right sources )

  • It’s Not About the Mic by Chris Brogan

    Quote: what you’re selling is more business. What you’re selling them is more connected business. What you’re selling them, one hopes, is human business.

  • What Does Technology Want? Change, and Lots of It by Justin Fox on Harvard Business Review

    Quote: That, in the end, is what technology really seems to want: Change. Unpredictable change. Disruptive change. And while over time these technology-induced changes in how we make our money and live our lives have tended to raise living standards, there is (a) no money-back guarantee that this will always be the case and (b) lots of pain along the way.

  • The Problem with S.E.O. Shortcuts by Olivier Blanchardon The BrandBuilder Blog

    Quote: Good content, frequently updated pages, making content sharable, building a community that will want to interact with your content and help others do the same, patience, diligence and attention to detail, these are the ways to think about S.E.O.

  • Content doesn’t Scale by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

    Quote: Original content is hard — and expensive — to create. I know from experience.

  • CoIT: another architectural disaster unfolds? by Tom Graves / Tetradian

    Quote: Yet that’s exactly what’s not happening here with cloud or CoIT: architecture of any valid kind, it seems, has all but been abandoned in the usual wild rush towards The Next Best Thing… So might it not be wise to take a brief pause for thought at this point, before we rush headlong into yet another insanely-expensive IT-disaster? Or is that too much to ask of anyone whilst the hype is in full flow?

  • Broken Trust By Mike Myatt on N2Growth Blog

    Quote: We need to keep in mind that all people make mistakes, and that mistakes alone don’t necessarily make you evil, they just make you human. While it is much easier to avoid disaster than it is to recover from it, perhaps the most important lesson is that it’s not the mistake you make, but what you do with your life after the fact…will your fall define you as a failure and disgrace, or will the event serve as the impetus to correct your thinking and actions such that you redefine yourself to become a better and more trustworthy human being?