Links for April 28 2013

Links for April 28 2013
  • A Dangerous Bias: action over thinking – UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley

    Quote: So, perhaps if our agile and iterative processes do not seem to be leading us on a path to success, maybe we just dove into the deep end without spending quite enough effort to understand how our stakeholders will be defining success (or even who they are), balancing competing interests over resources and time… and if our sponsors are not doing enough, who is going to step up?

  • Big Data: The Big Divide Between IT and Business | Forrester Blogs

    Quote: Big data is creating a bigger divide between the business and IT. It could be skills. It could be technology. It could be IT’s ability to support the business when the business needs it. It could be all of those things. What makes big data interesting is both the fact that you have access to more data and you have technology to make analysis faster and cheeper. But, the argument is if it should be a core competency managed internally, or can big data still be delivered by research and consultancies?

  • Pundits: Stop Sounding Ignorant About Data – Andrew McAfee – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: And this is exactly the problem. The stories we tell ourselves are very often wrong, and we have a host of biases and other glitches in our mental wiring that keep us from sizing up a situation correctly.

  • Innovate on Purpose: Innovating for future needs

    Quote: You need to do more than simply prepare to fight the last war. Real innovators are uncovering emerging needs and customer segments before their competitors do, and are doing so early enough to be able to present solutions to those needs as they arise. Given the pace of change and increasing customer demand, you need to constantly assess trends to understand what is likely to change, and how fast the change will occur, to remain relevant to your customers and your potential

  • A VC: You Are Working Too Hard And Not Getting Anywhere

    Quote: The moral of this story is sometimes you have the right product but the wrong business model. Fixing the business model can fix the company

  • Learn from the unique | Aspire-CS

    Quote: There is no one way to lead others. The way someone leads is the result of their distinctive personality, background, beliefs, value systems and the context in which they are leading. There might be a lot to learn from those who have a unique style. Reach out and find out more about their different ways of leading; you just might learn something that can enhance your own way of leading.