Links for April 26 2009

How I failed as a Product Owner and the lessons I learnt in the process by Martin Proulx on Analytical Mind (hat tip to Craig Brown for the link)

The Crucial Difference Between Creativity and Innovation by Mark McGuinness on Lateral Action

Leader vs. Ruler: Which one are you? by Jurgen Appelo on NOOP.NL

Culture Matters by Jamie Notter on Get Me Jamie Notter

A company’s corporate homepage is by Len Kendall on Marketing Profs Daily

Get On the Right Side of the Fence by Chris Brogan

5 Warning Signs of a Project In Danger by Georgina Laidlaw on WebWorkerDaily

Managers unprepared for the recovery by Nic Paton on Management News

What you say, what you do and who you are by Seth Godin

What San Francisco/Silicon Valley can learn from the Twittering company: Zappos by Robert Scoble

You Think You’ve Got Morale Problems? by John Baldoni on

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