Links for April 22 2012

Links for April 22 2012
  • Will CIOs Vanish Into The Cloud? by Eric Savitz on Forbes

    Quote: Responsibilities go beyond hooking up servers and making IT connections. It’s all about the data: how you gather, protect, leverage and execute on the information available will be the key to success. Pundits that sounded the alarm for the cloud’s role in the demise of the CIO were absolutely correct. The cloud is going to cause a lot of CIOs to get fired. The bad ones.

  • Why Everyone Hates IT People by Nir Eyal on Forbes

    Quote: Above all, management must ensure employees are rewarded for their attempts to improve the company. While the reward of social recognition or monetary incentives is nice, often the satisfaction of simply knowing the idea was implemented is sufficient to fulfill our human need to contribute. When good ideas languish in bureaucracy, the feedback loop stops, and so does innovation.

  • The Empowered BT Era Will Force (Yes, Force) A New Role For CIOs – And Drag IT Out Of The Backrooms by John Brand on Forrester Blogs

    Quote: These are only three of the changes that we see that will drive change in the CIO role and what we think you should do about them — embrace continuous design, develop better capabilities in sourcing and governance and focus on leading the organization with innovations that matter.

  • Free is Not a Benefit by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

    Quote: Free is designed to get people into the conversation, yet when the conversation is about your product and service and not about their problem and need, it remains a feature and never becomes a benefit. I will gladly try this and that, yet that doesn’t mean I will purchase your item or avail myself of your services.

  • CEOs disregard CIOs when it comes to strategic changes by Wendy Schuchart on CIO Symmetry

    Quote: The takeaway here is clear: If they want to be considered credible innovation leaders and partners in their company’s strategic changes, it’s vital that CIOs look for ways to make sure that information and technology are playing a part in their board’s vision and driving their company’s fiscal growth.