Links for April 19 2009

The Case for Customer Communities by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

Tap Employee Passion by Harry Hoover on THINKing

Accountability Begins at the Top by John Baldoni on

The Era Of Volunteerism? by Mike Gotta on Collaborative Thinking

Measuring Market Concentration (Competition) by Scott Sehlhorst on Tyner Blain

Project Management and Twitter: A quiet roar by Raven Young on Raven’s Brain 2.0

Hold The Plastic Marketers, People Want Pure by C.K. on Marketing Profs Daily Fix

Forging Better Ties With IT by Susan Cramm on

When Project Funding Hits the Wall by Brad Egeland on Project Management Tips

The difference between truly standing for something and a mission statement by Matt on Signal vs. Noise

Keeping Your People Engaged in Tough Times by Marshall Goldsmith on

How to Create a Culture of Accountability and Hold People Accountable by Dan McCarthy on Great Leadership

A warning against premature adoption of cloud computing by Ryan Paul on ArsTechnica

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