Leadership lessons learned from Photography

Over on my photography blog, onefourPhotography, I wrote a post titled “Photographs are taken by people – not technology” that got me to thinking.  I know…its a dangerous thing to do 🙂

In the aforementioned article, I talk about the difference between taking a snapshot (what I do) and taking a photograph (what my wife does).  The difference has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with vision and framing.

To take a great photograph, you have to see the photograph before you take it.  You have to be able to frame the images to achieve the final product.  If you’re taking a photograph of a person, you have to communicate your vision to that person to turn your vision into reality.

To take an average photograph, you hold your camera and push the button.  No vision, no framing and no communication.  You just push the button and hope you got the picture.

A great leader does the same things required to take a great photograph…they see where you want to go, frame that vision and communicate that vision to their team.

A not-so-great leader follows the steps to take a snapshot…they see something ‘out there’ but they never really capture what’s in their head nor can they frame it and communicate their vision to their teams.

What type of leader are you?  Do you take photographs…or snapshots?

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