Join me on InfoBOOM - a community for small and midsized business leaders

Join me on InfoBOOM - a community for small and midsized business leaders

I’ve just joined IBM’s InfoBOOM community.

I hadn’t heard of InfoBOOM until last week when I was asked to join as one of their compensated experts.  I was intrigued by the offer and am happy they reached out to me.  While I am being compensated to write a few blog posts on InfoBOOM, I’m happy to be a part of the community and am impressed with what I’m  seeing over there.

As an introduction to InfoBOOM, here’s a quote from the website:

InfoBOOM is the IBM community created for business leaders who want to share their opinions and expertise. Each month, a new topic is up for discussion and the community is invited to weigh in.

This online community drives the dialog by commenting, asking and answering thought provoking questions, and writing posts. Every participant helps to define what should be top of mind for mid-size business and to build his or her own reputation.

Would you like to share your opinions and validate strategic thinking with like-minded peers? Then please join InfoBOOM and start connecting with other business leaders to discuss the topics that matter most to you.

What I like most about InfoBOOM is that its filling a nice niche for small and medium sized businesses who are often overlooked in these types of communities and articles about business.

The topics on InfoBOOM are exciting ones. Topics like Information Governance, Business AnalyticsSocial Media for Business Leaders are others are extremely topical and interesting.

Take the recent post by Dana Gardner on Why HTML5 enables more businesses to deliver more apps to more mobile devices?…the post does a very good job of explaining the concept of HTML5 and why small and medium businesses need to be looking at this great new development ‘platform’.  Another interesting post is Paul Gillin’s recent Question of the week: Will tablets replace desktops?

Great stuff over there.

Won’t you join me over at infoBOOM? I’ll be posting a blog post per week over there on various topics…but don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging here on my regular schedule.