Jeffrey Phillips on Intense Ambiguity

I just read a great post by Jeffrey Phillips titled Intense Ambiguity that really brought into light what it’s like working for a boss or organization that has no clear strategy and vision.

What does Intense Ambiquity mean?  Jeffrey defines it as:

…significant pressure from the management team to do something – especially new and interesting things. However, there isn’t necessarily a corresponding amount of clarity about what those things should be. So, there’s a lot of pressure to get things done, just no one is really sure what kinds of things should be done.

Intense Ambiguity defines this situation perfectly.

How many readers out there have found themselves in the same situation? You work your butt off in reactive mode trying to do ‘something’ but there is no real vision or strategy to help define what that ‘something’ should be.

Jump over and read the rest of Jeffrey’s Intense Ambiguity post for more insight.

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