I’ve been tagged…8 Random Facts

Jim Stroup of “Managing Leadership” tagged me recently in his post titled “Random Day 1“…guess its time to jump in with some random facts. I haven’t quite figured out why anyone would want to know some random facts about me, but here goes.

First…the rules:

  1. Post these rules before you give your facts.
  2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
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Now…the random facts:

Random Fact #1:
When I was 16, I won two national championship’s in powerlifting as part of the Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA). I won the 1990 High School Nationals and the 1990 Teenage Nationals. Good times.

Random Fact #2:
I once jumped off the back of a moving pickup-truck. Thankfully, I received only minor injuries that required 5 stitches. Don’t ask me why I did it…I won’t tell you. 🙂

Random Fact #3:
Potassium will explode if put into a medicine bottle and thrown it into water. Again…don’t ask how I know this.

Random Fact #4:
I have never been arrested…but…the police in Weatherford Oklahoma (where I went to college) probably still have my name in their system as someone who they never want to see or speak to again. I was a bit of a troublemaker in college….nothing serious but still worthy of having a conversation with the police. Ditto for the police in Stillwater Oklahoma (where I went to grad school). Thankfully, except for the occasional speeding ticket, I’ve not had much contact with law enforcement since my college days.

Random Fact #5:
I worked as a security guard for concerts and other events while in college and got to meet some great people. For example, I met the surviving members of Lynard Skynard while they were on tour. Other bands/people I met are: Stone Temple Pilots, Poison, Alice in Chains and many others that I can’t really remember right now.

Random Fact #6:
I am working on a book that I hope to release sometime within the next 30 years.

Random Fact #7:
An ancestor of mine, Joseph Livesay, was one of the founders of the temperance movement and also a founder of the institution that would become the University of Central Lancashire.

Random Fact #8:
I hope to one day (soon preferably) be able to take a few months and travel to Europe with my wife. We’d like to spend some time in Italy, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Poland and Greece.

Well..those are my 8 random facts. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

The last rule of being ‘tagged’ is to pick 8 people to tag….after looking around, all of the people that I wanted to tag have already been tagged. Anyone have any ideas on who they’d like to see tagged?

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