I'm on a list ... and that's a good thing!

Jurgen Appelo over at Noop.nl has release his list of the Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs….and I’m on it.  As the kids say…Woot! (I think they say that…maybe not).

I’m listed at #56 (wow…not bad for little ol’ me).

There are some amazing blogs and people on this list.  The top blogsare people that everyone knows…Tom Peters, Tim Ferriss, Anthony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki, etc.

But look past those ‘big’ names to some of the less famous but equally as compelling authors and bloggers.

There are tons of great bloggers on the list…some of my favorites from the list:

I’m sure there are a few more on that list that I missed…please check it out.  You’ll find some great content out there.