Glenn Whitfield asks "IT Project or Business Project?"

I hope everyone out there is reading Glenn Whitfield’s great blog IT Business Alignment (IT2B).  I’ll wait for you while you jump over and check out Glenn’s website.

Back?  good.

Glenn wrote a piece titled “IT Project or Business Project?” that really blew me away with it’s simple approach to leading projects by first asking who really owns the project.  Plus…it fits perfectly into my ‘common sense’ view of the world 🙂

In the article, Glenn asks the question of whether a project is an IT project or a Business project.  Wow…that makes sense right? 🙂

Glenn writes:

…we define every project that deals with technology as an IT project, and then try to manage and lead it accordingly. And we fail…

You know something?  He’s right.

Glenn uses a few examples that I’ll let you jump over and read them all but one that highlights the issue perfectly is:

If the organization is installing a new finance system, then although the whole company can benefit from this, the greatest impact on the business processes is probably in the finance department. Therefore, someone from the Finance team should lead the project day to day (with project management support from IT)

I’ve made that argument for years too but IT and PMO’s tend to think that all projects need to be led by IT Project Managers.

Great stuff over at IT2B…jump over now or subscribe to his RSS feed.

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