Foto Friday - Rocky Mountain National Park

Late last year I had the opportunity to spend a week in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).  Strangely, I’d never actually been to RMNP although I’ve been just about everywhere else around RMNP.

The trip was part of a trip to nearby Denver for a conference so I didn’t get as much time to spend in the park and surrounding areas as I’d wanted to, but I did spend every morning in the park for sunrise – and loved every second that I had there. I’d had a few pre-planned locations found during trip research and got a couple of really good sunrise shots but didn’t get as many opportunity for Elk that I wanted.  That said, I did get surprising access to multiple Moose during the trip as well as a few Pika.

Before we get into the trip photos, let me share the gear I used on the trip. If you want to know more about the gear, let me know and I can share my thoughts.

Now, onto the photos. If you would like to purchase a copy (or copies) of any of these photos, check out my portfolio site.

Sunrise and Fall Colors
Sunrise over Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Red Sunrise
Sometimes, a quick ‘snap’ of the camera turns into something special. While I was walking around the lake after sunrise, I grabbed this quick snap, which turned out much better than expected.
Black & White Lake
Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with a black and white treatment
Rocky Mountain Pika
While in Rocky Mountain National Park, I knew I wanted to find some Pikas. I was lucky and found a perfect habitat for them without much hiking. This is the outcome of my first visit.
The colors of sunrise
While wondering around Rocky Mountain National Pakr (RMNP) I found this spot and thought it’d be a good place for a sunrise photo. There wasn’t a lot of clouds that morning but I did get some fog that rolled in while the sun was rising. The fog plus the few clouds with color add some interest to this photograph.
Moose in the Morning
While at Rocky Mountain National Park, I had the chance to photograph a few moose. While walking down the road toward where a lot of folks said some moose had been spotted, I noticed this Bull Moose standing in the trees perfectly lit by the sunlight.
Moon over the Rockies
Went out to Sprague Lake in RMNP to capture sunrise hoping that the clouds would stick around. While setting up, I took a couple shots while the moon was out….and turned out the moon shots were so much better than the sunrise photos (the clouds disappeared before the sun came up).

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