Colors and Lines

Discover the stunning landscapes of Hanksville, Utah, where rugged terrains and whimsical rock formations await. Join us on a photographic journey through Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef, exploring the serene beauty and dramatic vistas of the American West.

Colors and Lines
Colors and Lines - Eric D. Brown, Hanksville, Utah

Today's photograph is from the Moon Overlook near Hanksville, Utah.

The play of light, shadow, and color grabs the eye.

Hanksville, Utah, is a small town that acts as an entry point to some of the most striking landscapes in the American West. The area is a haven for adventurers and photographers, featuring diverse geological formations and wide, scenic views. You can explore the rough terrain of Goblin Valley State Park with its unique rock shapes, or the vast, open spaces of Capitol Reef National Park. The region is full of opportunities for exploration and photography.

If you've been to Hanksville, you know each corner offers a chance to see the stunning beauty of nature. Maybe you've walked through the Mars-like hills and valleys, or enjoyed the peace beside the rivers that snake through the desert.