Buzzword Bingo Strikes again

I’m sure most of us have heard of “Buzzword Bingo” and some have probably played it a time or too. It’s a fun game that should get people thinking about their communication style…and it appears that Oracle’s PR people should have looked into it prior to releasing their latest press release. Here’s the first paragraph of the release:

Oracle today introduced Oracle(r) Communications IP Service and Network Management, a new market offering designed to simplify the lifecycle management of complex IP-based services. This offering enables communications service providers to manage growing IP service complexity, scale operations efficiently and facilitate ongoing network change by providing one integrated solution for IP service management and network change control. Included in the offering are updated versions of two key Oracle Service Fulfillment Suite applications, Oracle Communications Configuration Management and Oracle Communications IP Service Activator.

If you were playing the technical version of Buzzword Bingo, you probably would have won!

I think what Oracle is trying to say is “hey guys…we have a new product that manages your IP service offerings and helps you get a grasp of the complex nature of these services”. I think. 🙂

Ben Worthen at WSJ’s Business Technology blog pointed me to this press release. He agrees that there is way to much ‘Gobbledygook’ in this press release. Apparently, some of the snide comments directed at Ben disagree…a few people mention that since this product is targeted at technical people it’s OK to use technical mumbo-jumbo and buzzwords…but I disagree. If you can’t communicate the value of a product in a clear and concise language, then perhaps you don’t truly understand the value of that product (or there is no value in the product).Leave the technical language and other terminology for tech specs, manuals or white papers.

Did anyone get a bingo from Oracle’s press release? If so, let me know 🙂

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