Book Review: Succession, Are You Ready?

I just finished reading Succession: Are You Ready? (Memo to the Ceo) by Marshall Goldsmith.

While the subject was interesting, I think the audience for this book is extremely narrow for it to be of much interest to a large audience.

When I first noticed this book, I thought that there might be some information for non-CEO’s looking for succession planning tips but it is strictly focused on the CEO (as noted by the title). While CEO succession is an important topic, the ideas behind succession planning can be very similar regardless of the level of the person (CEO, VP, etc) but most of the advice would be hard to apply elsewhere.

I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more substance to this book. Most of the information would be hard to use in a different context, which is sad.

While its an interesting read, it won’t be very applicable to most readers.

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