It’s Your Ship

Just finished reading the book “It’s Your Ship” by Mike Abrashoff. At first glance, this book looks like it would be something that I wouldn’t like at all…the picture of the naval officer (the author) on the front really turned me off. I read the book at the urging of a friend and was pleasantly surprised.

Although there is nothing in the book that is groundbreaking, it is interesting to see an approach to leadership that mimics my own approach as outlined in my post titled “Five Simple Traits of Leadership (sorry…shameless self-promotion!).

The book is part memoir and part leadership primer. This is not a dry leadership tome that you will find on most bookshelves…it’s the story of a ship being led by a man who isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes and listen to his crew.

I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a “real world” story on leadership but don’t expect too much out of it…it is what it is…a memoir from a man regarding his years learning how to be a leader.

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