Dreaming in Code

If you are interested in software development…read this book.

If you aren’t interested in software development…read this book.

If you’ve always wondered why software development is such a tough thing to manage and predict completion…read this book.

Did I say that you should read this book? 🙂

The book is not a detailed “how to”…it is a story that follows the development of “Chandler“, a software product that was going to ‘change the world’….but of course, the product never really materialized.  The team worked on the product for more than 5 years and never produced what the founder, Mitch Kapor of Lotus 1-2-3 fame, had envisioned. 5 years, over 4700 bugs and two dozen programmers with very little to show for the effort.

Take a look at the Related Articles below…you’ll see that Chandler is just now coming to be a “1.0” release after 7 years of development.  Interested story and a great book.

If you find yourself perplexed about the process of software development, this book might help you move a little closer to understanding the complexity of this process.

Definitely recommended reading.