Article Review on Knowledge Management

One of my assignments in my Knowledge Management Class had me read and review am article using PowerPoint. I’ve just submitted the assignment and wanted to provide a link to my readers to take a look at the presentation and provide some feedback.

The article reviewed is:

  • Slaughter, S. A., & Kirsch, L. J. (2006). The Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer Portfolios in Software Process Improvement: A Field Study. Information Systems Research, 17(3), 301.

It’s an interesting article with some interesting results but I’m going to make you watch/listen to my presentation to hear more about it 🙂

This is my first presentation using PowerPoint and recorded narration and I’m anxious to hear some feedback. Due to the assignment, the presentation is about 30 minutes long and is probably very boring if you aren’t interested in Knowledge Transfer. Even if you are interested in KM, it may be boring too! 🙂

Please drop me a message or leave me a comment about the presentation and/or ideas for how I could improve it.

Presentation with Narration:
*The presentation was converted from PowerPoint into Flash using a product called Pointecast.

PowerPoint Presentation without Narration: