Are you a leader or just loud?

Sometimes I wonder about our leaders. These leaders may be your country’s leaders or they may be your teacher. Perhaps your VP or your CEO.

I think about these people and wonder if they really are leaders…or are they just loud?

Take a second to think about your organization.  Is there someone there that you feel is in a leadership role and shouldn’t be?  Are they in that role because they are a leader or because they were able to make people think they were?

Don’t get me wrong…I know there are some folks out there (maybe even many people) that are doing a great job as a leader…but sometimes I feel as though we (as a civilization) aren’t necessarily looking for real  leaders.   I think we’ve gotten comfortable with having poor leadership and we’ve become numb to the harmful actions of those that are loud.

I hope you’re taking the leadership role and doing something about ‘it’….whatever ‘it’ is.  Perhaps ‘it’ is changing the world or perhaps ‘it’ is just making your street a better place to live.  There are plenty of people that talk about being a leader (being loud) but few that really step up and lead.

Being a leader is hard work.  Being loud isn’t. Being loud is telling people what they want to hear.  Being a leader is telling people what they don’t want to hear.

Are you leading or just being loud? Am I?  Good question…

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