Acting vs Being

I just finished reading an article in the Dallas Business Journal titled Acting like a a ‘Best Boss’ and the only thing I could think about while reading it (and after reading it) was why ACT?  Why not BE?

The article has some great suggestions for ‘acting’ like the ‘best boss’.  These suggestions are:

  • find out what your individual subordinates want
  • keep them informed
  • give them credit
  • say thank you
  • ask their opinions
  • tell them what the company does

Not a bad list.  Some very good things there actually…great advice.

But what perplexes me is the fact that the DBJ (or author?) decided to use the title ‘act like a best boss’ rather than ‘be the best boss’, or even better, how to ‘be the best leader’ (but that’s a different argument altogether…boss vs leader).  Perhaps its just an oversight on the paper or author’s part, but there’s a huge difference between acting like something and being something.

Do you want to work for someone who’s acting like a great boss or someone that is a great boss?

Acting is temporary. Acting is a performance.  Acting like a great boss won’t last because you won’t completely internalize what it means to BE a great boss.

“Being” is authentic….acting isn’t.

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