A CIO and A CMO walk into a bar...

A CIO and A CMO walk into a bar...

direction signs By emreterok on flickrA CIO and A CMO walk into a bar…

…except…they aren’t in the same bar.

They made plans to meet at Good Time Charlies on Monday.   You know – the CMO and CIO are best friends now so its time to go have a few drinks together, right?

They agree on a time and day and schedule the happy hour together in their calendar.

On Monday, the CIO leaves the office and drives over to Good Time Charlies on the east side of town.

The CMO leaves a few minutes after the CIO and heads off to to Good Time Charlies as well. Except…she goes to the new Good Time Charlies on the West side of town.

Kind of sounds like most organizations today, no?  Lots of talk about where they are going, but no real planning or clear communications about the actual destination.

The CIO and CMO want to be friends. They want to work together. They want to do the right thing.

But…are they on the same ‘page’ when it comes what needs to be done?   If not, you’ll end up just like our CIO and CMO above – in different places waiting for the other.

Are the goals of the CIO and CMO well articulated and understood?  Sure…each person understands their own goals, but does the CIO understand the goals of the CMO and vice versa?

Do the CIO and CMO communicate regularly? Do they meet regularly one-on-one?

CIO’s – do you know what the goals of the CMO and marketing group are?  Do you understand them? Do you understand how the IT group can help with those goals?

CMO’s – do you understand the goals of the CIO and IT group?  Do you understand how your team can work together with IT go ensure your goals and their goals are met?

Its very easy to say that the CIO and CMO are working closer together and will be doing so for years to come…but without clear goals and an agreed upon strategy, they may not actually be doing the best work possible.

Forget whether the work is the best possible work…without clear goals, strategy and regular communications, the CIO and CMO may end up at completely different destinations.

Image Credit: direction signs By emreterok on flickr