15 years later...

15 years later...
Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
Image by eric@ericbrown.com via Flickr

Today is the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City  Bombing.

I was a senior in college when the bombing happened and can still remember the first image I saw on TV of the building smoking.

I knew a few folks that worked in the building and am still quite saddened when I think about this tragedy and loss of life.

I visited the bombing site before demolotion and was absolutely overwhelmed with the sites I saw….I can’t imagine the horror that occurred in that building during and after the bombing.  The things the rescuers saw cannot even be imagined (and I don’t think I want to try to imagine them).

Even though I spent 4 years in Oklahoma after the bombing (finishing grad school, etc), I never revisited the site.  In fact, it took me fifteen years to visit the memorial and was only able to do so because my wife was with me…not sure I would have visited alone.

Here’s a few photos from the visit:

Oklahoma City National Memorial - Gate, Chairs and Reflecting Pool

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Oklahoma City National Memorial - Journal Record Building Message

Next time you’re in Oklahoma City, please stop by the Oklahoma City National Memorial and spend a few minutes in this powerful place.